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7-day Raw Food Challenge

This 7-day challenge is a virtual program created and led by Boston based Holistic Health Coach, Jody Grimm. It's designed to give you a simple and fun introduction to raw foods and to cause a shift in your body, your mind, and your life.

Self-Study Program available for purchase and download any time!
Next LIVE challenge will run in Spring 2018.


Self-Study Program includes:

- full grocery list

- 7 days of raw food recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner + dessert)

LIVE Program includes the above in addition to:

- 50 minute group coaching call with Jody

- private Facebook group moderated by Jody

- periodic emails to help keep you on track

This program is right for you if:

- you need a change

- you're tired of feeling "off"

- you're sick of going at it alone

- you can tune out excuses for 7 days (i.e. "but i'm going out to dinner for my boyfriend's birthday" or "but I have a bachelorette party.")

- you want to change your relationship to food

This program probably isn't for you if:

- you're looking for a quick fix

- you want someone else to do the work for you

So, you in?

Purchase the program and get immediate access to your grocery list and recipes!

Note: if you purchase the self-study program prior to June 2018 you'll get a discount on the LIVE program.

If you're not yet convinced, check out a bit of praise from last year's challenge:

"Thank you again Jody Grimm for this opportunity! The week started off tough with feeling irritated with no coffee, cooked foods etc. BUT wow has it paid off. I've slept so well this week, I feel lighter, less anxious, and my skin is glowing. Feeling good and appreciating the group support! Good job everyone!" - Kelly C.

"This has been an incredible week for my family. My boys loved the shakes, fruits, and deserts and I now crave eating much healthier. The biggest change I noticed was my energy level, I felt like I had a "spring in my step" and didn't suffer through the midday slump like I usually do. I am surprised by how little I miss meats and sugar. I also feel that I've developed a heightened awareness and mindfulness about food and how it makes me feel. Foods taste better, I'm aware of my body more, and it feels awesome knowing that I'm reducing waste and doing a very tiny bit to help the earth. I even found new vegan places to eat in my town that I didn't know existed! I'm very grateful to Jody Grimm and this challenge for giving me the space to slow down and take care of myself. Thanks for everyone's messages and encouragement!" - Alison Q.

"Jody Grimm and everyone: I have loved this week! I have missed a few foods, but I'm at the point where I can care less about them. I'm finding eating raw or mostly raw is easy & inexpensive. Thank you Jody!!!" - Janel P.

"This week is an eye opener. I didn't quite realize how poorly nourished I have been, lately. After this week is over, I plan to incorporate one main raw meal a day into my diet. All the recipes have been super delicious, easy to make and I love not having to use my stove. Hooray for my Vitamix blender and my Cuisinart. So glad I invested in them a couple years ago. Thanks Jody!" -Nancy A.


7-day Raw Food Challenge

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